Our Philosophy

    Dr. Michael Santipadri

    "The mastery of chiropractic involves a blending of science, art and philosophy. Each individual patient requires their own unique blend, with the expected outcome being effective results. The science of chiropractic requires me to be evidence based, current and willing to help you make the right choices regarding what is best for your health. The art of chiropractic requires me to stay on top of my game.  There is a wide variety of techniques, just as there is a very diverse group of patients seeking expert care. Applying the right treatment for you is...essential. My philosophy of chiropractic is simple: to get healthy and stay healthy...take care of your spine."

    Dr. Harmony Bell

    "Simply put chiropractic is for people with spines. From birth trauma, to athletic injury, to the at times aggravating process of aging; chiropractic has benefits to offer patients of all ages and levels of fitness. As a former chronic pain researcher and long time fan of manual therapies, I have found a great sense of self and purpose treating and providing wellness advice to my patients. It is my goal as a clinician to evaluate every patient as an individual, taking the time and effort to provide safe and effective care that will not only relieve pain, but also increase quality of life in the long term."

    What is Chiropractic?

    Life is tough enough when you feel great...so when you don’t feel great it’s our job to assist you to get back on track. Our practice is a safe-haven where people can go to feel better faster and to be empowered with the tools, knowledge and confidence to take care of themselves while maximizing their own human wellness potential.

    Our clinicians at Master Chiropractor provide quality chiropractic care to patients in Boston, MA. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headache, sciatica or have suffered from an athlethic soft tissue injury, we can get you back on the road to health.

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    Sports Injuries


    We provide effective relief of sports injuries to help you get back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.



    About Chiropractic


    Chiropractic has been helping people with musculoskeletal pain for over 110 years.


    Neck Pain Relief


    Chiropractic can correct dysfunctions in the spine to relieve neck pain and disability.

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